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When Bitcoin first appeared in 2009, it wasn’t as popular as it is now. Its value was a couple of dollars and nobody really paid attention. However, with its rise, many cryptocurrencies made their way into the worldwide market, taking the whole market by storm. Many companies were established at that time, as well as Coinhouse, a French cryptocurrency exchange platform located in Europe. Coinhouse is a well-known crypto exchange company that operates mainly in Europe, supporting a total of 34 countries on that continent. Their goal is to provide their users with the means of buying, selling, and exchanging crypto with ease and in a short period of time.



Ease of Use






Customer Support


Payment Methods


Available payment options

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Neosurf

Unavailable payment options

  • Cash
  • Paypal
  • Wire transfer

Key Information

Coinhouse is a crypto exchange service that lets you purchase crypto with your credit card. This is an excellent method for both experienced and novice users as they can make their initial exchange using fiat currency. They promise instant delivery, as well as a top-notch service for every user that decides to go with Coinhouse. Since it’s based in Paris, France, the company allows you to purchase crypto in Euros, which is especially suitable for European users.

Coinhouse review Crypto exchange review - homepage

Aside from that, Coinhouse delivers your crypto within seconds and it’s always in-line with the current crypto prices around the world. Coinhouse initially gained a huge reputation due to La Maison du Bitcoin, a crypto store behind Coinhouse. This store represents a physical location of Coinhouse and you can make your transactions there in person, for added convenience. All in all, this European crypto exchange promises a lot to their customers and what it delivers, we’ll find out in the review below.



  • Excellent exchange speed
  • A good amount of payment methods
  • Intuitive interface
  • Fiat purchases
  • Credit/Debit card purchases
  • Support for Neosurf
  • Physical location


  • Relatively high fees
  • No anonymity
  • Few cryptocurrencies

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Is Coinhouse Safe to Use?

To find out if Coinhouse is safe, we needed to test it ourselves and also read other people’s experiences. From what we’ve gathered, Coinhouse is a well-respected company in Europe, although there are some scam reports on Reddit, we found out that these were results of misunderstandings. Aside from that, Coinhouse is invulnerable when it comes to hacker attacks since it doesn’t offer a wallet. Instead, they suggest that you use Ledger Nano S.

Furthermore, Coinhouse supports a two-factor authentication, making it almost impossible to hack your account. Although it requires verification with your ID or passport, we didn’t have any issues with it, as Coinhouse keeps your information private via strong encryption.

Coinhouse also prides itself on having strict policies on anti-fraud, KYC, and anti-terrorist financing. With this, you can expect a maximum level of security and safety when using Coinhouse. As we said earlier, Coinhouse aims to deliver a great level of safety while maintaining that lightning-fast speed of crypto delivery.


Take advantage of the security features!

Customer Support

When it comes to the customer support, Coinhouse is a true powerhouse. While many European services are somewhat of a let-down because of their poor customer support, Coinhouse shines in this department. First, we have an in-depth FAQ section which is easily located on the website. While many of you will probably disagree due to few articles in this section, we must say that Coinhouse has all the right to keep it like that since their guides are pretty straightforward.

Coinhouse review Crypto exchange review - Customer support

Aside from this FAQ section, Coinhouse has a solid ticketing system where you can submit a request and get the answer within 24 or 48 hours. To submit a request, you need to enter your email address, subject, description, and choose the type of request. What's more surprising is that they let you send an attachment if you need to.

Finally, Coinhouse has its own phone number that you can call if you need some info right away. Their phone support is great and will help you with anything you might need. Although we didn’t have any issues, they were always there to help and resolve any doubts.

Countries Allowed

We’ve seen that many European crypto exchanges provide special options for European users. Coinhouse is one of those services, but much to our surprise, we didn’t notice any supported countries outside of Europe. Not that it’s bad, but this will greatly impact the company’s work in the future. As we already know, the USA plays a huge role in the crypto market and adding them to the list of supported countries would drastically increase the reputation and the number of user on Coinhouse. Nonetheless, here are some of the supported countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • Romania
  • Portugal
  • Poland
  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • Sweden
  • Spain
  • Slovenia
  • Slovakia
  • Lithuania
  • San Marino
  • Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Croatia
  • Bulgaria
  • France
  • Finland
  • Estonia
  • Denmark
  • Latvia
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Monaco
  • Cyprus
  • Belgium
  • Austria

From this list, we can see that almost every European country is supported, with the exception of countries like Serbia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, etc. Still, we would say they did a great job of supporting a vast majority of Europe, but we still hope they will add some countries in the future.

Ease of Use

Coinhouse review Crypto exchange review - Sign up

Coinhouse is a fast, reliable, and simple-to-use crypto exchange service. That being said, we are pretty satisfied with its ease of use. Upon entering the website, you’ll be greeted with only a few options and a page that needs no scrolling in order to see everything. You can start exchanging your crypto immediately if you click on the “Register and Buy Bitcoins Now” button, located at the top of the website. However, you’ll need to register a free account and go through the process of verification, which we’ll explain now.

“Always on top of their game, good community presence and involvement. There's a reason why they have the most active users and largest numbers on daily traded amount every day consistently.“


To sign up, simply click on the “Register” button. Creating an account is simple and you’ll need to enter your email address and password. When you receive your confirmation email, simply go to your inbox and open it to verify your account. Unfortunately, Coinhouse will not let you use their services until you verify your account with your picture and a scan of your ID.

To do this, you’ll need to take a picture of yourself holding your ID and a scan of your ID. Now, Coinhouse will give you some limits, depending on the document quality and type. Be sure to take high-quality photos and make everything is visible since the limits go between 200 and 5,000 Euros, which is a pretty big gap.


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Since Coinhouse does its exchange only in Europe, we can only talk about its reputation in European countries. Our editors have never had a single problem with Coinhouse and we’re using it for a few months now. Coinhouse is known as one of the most respectable companies in Europe, providing users with the lightning-fast transactions, as well as an intuitive interface. On top of that, Coinhouse follows crypto standards, offering purchases and exchanges at the latest crypto values on the market.

As far as hacker attacks are concerned, Coinhouse is known as one of the most secure platforms in Europe. Really, we haven’t had a single issue with it since it doesn’t come with a dedicated crypto wallet. You’ll be able to purchase and sell your Bitcoin and Ethereum in an instant, with the secure and reliable transaction. The only thing that hurts overall score might be its high fees, which can let down some users looking to buy a small amount of crypto. More on that in the next section.

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If we take a look at Coinhouse’s fees, we can tell exactly why this company has a lackluster reputation in this regard. While they offer a couple of payment methods, the fees mainly depend on the total amount of Bitcoin you want to trade. Sadly, the fees vary between 6% and 10%. For purchases up to 500 Euros, Coinhouse charges you with 10% fee. If you opt for a slightly higher amount, you can go up to 1,500 Euros at 9% fee, up to 3,000 Euros at 8% fee, and so on. For users that buy approximately one Bitcoin (~10,000 Euros), the fee is around 6%, which is… well, barely acceptable.

All in all, we can’t say we’re satisfied with the fees. On one side, Coinhouse promises low fees and high speeds, which is half the truth. Sure, you get a high-speed transaction, but the cost is what we’ve mentioned before – high fees. We wouldn’t recommend Coinhouse for small purchases because of higher fees.


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Payment Methods

The payment methods that Coinhouse offers aren’t anything out of the ordinary. We get to pay with credit and debit cards, as well as Neosurf. Since many of us don’t have a Neosurf prepaid card, most of you will decide for a credit or debit card, which is still a reliable option. In fact, we would suggest that you use your credit/debit cards for every purchase since this is the option that comes with the lowest fees.

Unfortunately, you can’t always control your fees as they depend on the amount of Bitcoin you buy. Having in mind that there are limits, you can’t be in a total control of your fee. Still, all of our credit/debit card transactions were successful and almost instant. Coinhouse doesn't offer tons of payment methods and it really doesn't need to.

Sending Crypto on Coinhouse

For those who want to buy (send) Bitcoin or Ethereum from Coinhouse, the website offers a very intuitive and simple interface. First of all, be sure to sign up, verify your account, and know your limits, so you can easily tailor your purchase. Upon creating and verifying your account click on Exchange in the top left corner. We suggest you select Advanced since you can follow your crypto’s value with ease.

On the left side, you have a chart that shows you the current value and you can edit it yourself. On the right side, there is a market history, as well as two options – one for selling, and the other for buying crypto. Simply enter the amount of crypto you want to sell or buy, and proceed to the next step.

The next step is to enter the details about your bank, as well as the address of your crypto wallet. Remember that you need to have an external wallet to store your crypto, so be sure to create one before you send your crypto from Coinhouse. Upon verification, you’ll get your coins instantly, which is why Coinhouse is so great.

Receiving Crypto on Coinhouse

Coinhouse is a platform that serves as a broker for all your purchases and transactions. As such, it doesn’t come with a crypto wallet that you can utilize to store your coins. In fact, we respect this decision as it comes with more pros than cons. This makes Coinhouse much more secure and they don’t hold any right to your coins, so you won’t have any issues with them in that regard. We don’t see this as a downside, but rather as a plus, for the reasons we’ve mentioned above.


Coinhouse is a great way to start off your crypto adventure. As simple as it is to use and has a lot of options for beginners, many users will find their higher fees exasperating. On one side, the website is beginner-friendly, but beginners usually don’t possess a huge amount of crypto, which can lead to higher fees. However, this makes the website more suitable for intermediate users who plan on buying and selling higher amounts of crypto. Users will definitely like their speed, reliability, and simplicity more than any other feature.

All in all, Coinhouse ticks all the boxes, including security, reputation, and ease of use. Along with BitPanda, Coinhouse is probably the best option for any European crypto enthusiast. Creating an account is free, and if we exclude the additional verification, we can say that it’s almost hassle-free. That’s a great reason to try it for yourself.

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